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March 19, 2021
Duration: 9 Days

Amy Labenz | Head of Events

Opening talk

Amy Labenz, Head of Events at the Centre for Effective Altruism, will welcome attendees to the conference and explain more about the goals of the event. 

Amy produces events for the effective altruism community, including EA Global and a series of specialized retreats. Previously, she was Chief Operating Officer of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, where she was also Executive Producer of The Singularity Summit. Amy earned a Juris Doctor degree from New York University after graduating summa cum laude from Alma College with a BA in foreign service.

Maintaining motivation

Julia Wise, Community Liaison at the Centre for Effective Altruism, hosts a series of four conversations exploring some of the common challenges faced by people in the effective altruism community.

Alex Gordon-Brown will share his experience of becoming a parent, and how he balances those responsibilities with doing good in the wider world.

Howie Lempel from 80,000 Hours will talk about the ways that mental health has influenced his experience in EA.

Marcus Davis, a former sound engineer, will explain how he found a way to contribute to global priorities research and become the Co-Executive Director of the EA think tank Rethink Priorities.

Tan Zhi Xuan will share some perspectives that are currently underrepresented in the effective altruism community, and provide advice to others who are still figuring out where they fit and how they can contribute.

Ezra Klein | New York Times

Rob Wiblin hosts the first-ever video episode of the 80,000 Hours podcast with the American journalist Ezra Klein.

Ezra first rose to prominence in the mid-2000s for his individual blogging, before being picked up to blog for The American Prospect and then the Washington Post. 

In 2014, he co-founded the news website Vox.com, where he served as Executive Director and hosted the podcast The Ezra Klein Show. While at Vox, Ezra helped start the Future Perfect vertical, which runs evidence-driven stories about a variety of topics, many of which are related to focus areas in effective altruism. 

In 2020 he published the book Why We're Polarized. In January, he left Vox to start a new column and host a revamped Ezra Klein Show at the New York Times. 

Holden Karnofsky | Open Philanthropy

Holden Karnofsky, Chief Executive Officer at Open Philanthropy, will answer questions from the audience in a live AMA.

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Holden sets the strategy and oversees the work of Open Philanthropy, which identifies outstanding giving opportunities, grants hundreds of millions of dollars each year, and shares its findings openly so that anyone can build on them.

Holden graduated from Harvard University in 2003 with a degree in social studies, and spent the next several years in the hedge fund industry before co-founding GiveWell in 2007. He began co-developing Open Philanthropy (initially called GiveWell Labs) in 2011.

Toby Ord | Future of Humanity Institute

Toby Ord, a philosopher at Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute and the author of The Precipice, will answer questions from the audience in a live AMA.

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Toby’s work focuses on the big-picture questions facing humanity: What are the most important issues of our time? And how can we best address them? 

His current research is on avoiding the threat of human extinction and thus safeguarding a positive future for humanity, which he considers to be among the most pressing and neglected issues we face.

Joan Gass | Centre for Effective Altruism

Closing talk

Joan Gass, Managing Director at the Centre for Effective Altruism, will share some closing thoughts to bring the conference to an end.

Joan works with Max Dalton on CEA's executive team. Her roles include overseeing CEA's Groups team, leading work on recruitment, and providing input on organization-wide strategy.

She has an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and an MPA in International Development from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. She previously worked at the strategy consulting firm Bain & Company, where she was a founding member of their Nigeria office. She also co-founded and directed a nonprofit in Uganda, and launched a fellowship related to catastrophic risks and emerging technology policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.